Keeping Your Roof In Check This Winter!

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September 18, 2018

When it comes to maintaining your house, spotting roof problems early is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from some hefty, and unexpected, costs. Your roof is one of the areas of your house that deserves a bit of attention during the cold part of year. It’ll experience the brunt of any bad weather. Roof problems may also invalidate your insurance policy.


Just before we get started, it would be very irresponsible of us not to give a quick safety warning. Roofs are high and they can be steep and slippery (I know, I know, stating the obvious). Only attempt any on-roof maintenance if you have a ladder that is both sturdy and long enough or an appropriate harness or scaffold.  If you’re not 100% confident, please get in touch and one of our professionals can come out. DO NOT TAKE ANY RISKS.

1)    Check from the inside first.

Get up in the loft and see if you can see any water patches, rotten bits or sagging in the roof. If you can see any of these, we recommend getting in touch with us before you do anything else! If you can spot any light getting through, that might be an indication of damaged or missing tiles or flashing. This will also need to be addressed immediately before it gets worse.

2)    Check your vents.

Remove debris from any ventilation channels to make sure air can pass through. This helps prevent condensation which can cause a lot of damage within the home.

3)    Check the roof tiles.

When you get up on to your roof, look for any damaged or missing tiles. If you spot any, replace them as quickly as you can. Snow, in particular, can put extra pressure on tiles and force any loose ones off. If there are gaps, water can get through and cause major damage.

4)    Check the flashing.

The flashing are the metal strips that seal the chimney to the roof. You may need binoculars to get a close look, if you spot any gaps then this will need to be replaced immediately.

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