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BPL Roofing is a popular choice for those who require a roofer in Hertfordshire, and when you look at what we offer, it’s clear to see why. We provide the highest quality roofing services and only use high performance materials to ensure long-lasting results as well as cost-effective work to suit your budget. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to provide an outstanding end result. At BPL Roofing, we can help you to find the right roofing solution to suit the requirements of your home or business.

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Every home needs a safe roof and that’s where experienced roofers in Luton, BPL Roofing Ltd comes in. We offer professional services for roofing in Luton, St Albans and the greater London areas. We work with home owners, construction companies and local estate agents to meet any needs. Whether we are replacing roofs, installing VELUX® windows or taking down chimneys, our roofers in Luton, St Albans and the surrounding areas can handle it all. Call or email us to speak with a contractor about ways to improve your domestic or commercial property.

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Insurance, Protection and Excellent
Roofing in Hertfordshire

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At BPL Roofing, all of our work is fully insured for up to £5 million, helping you rest assured that everything has been taken care of. Our work also comes with guarantees offered up to 30 years, showing that we believe in the quality and the longevity of our roofing services. If you would like to see references of our work as roofers in Hertfordshire, we can provide these upon request. Alternatively, you can view our customer testimonials on our website at your convenience.