The Benefits Of Replacing Your Roof In Spring/Summer

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Thinking of treating your home to an upgrade this year? The number one question on your mind is; what is the best time to install a new roof? Spring and summer are suggested to be the best seasons for roof placements. These seasons include more stable weather, more efficient installation and longer daylight hours. Here at BPL roofing we are able to install and replace roofs all year round, below we have explored the benefits of replacing your roof in the recommended seasons.

Moisture levels
– Winter tends to worsen roofing problems due to the pile-up of snow and the dampening of materials which can make things such as cracks more noticeable. Waterfall is generally at its lowest point during the warmer months, which makes it perfect for roofing.

Less chance of interruptions
– The UK’s weather is extremely unpredictable in the colder months however during spring and summer it’s a lot more predictable which allows roofers to work at a more efficient pace. Snow, wind and rain can not only slow down a project but cause it to become paused.

Easier installation
– The cold weather can make roofing materials more brittle, therefore they become more difficult to lay. Sealants also tend to take longer to set due to the freezing temperatures. Overall the speed and ease of installation is significantly improved during spring and summer.

Boosts roof efficiency
– A damaged roof throughout winter means that heat will escape through the roof quickly. This causes energy bills to go through the roof. Getting problems sorted in the warmer months will buffer some of these energy costs and prepare your home for the colder months.

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