Flat Roof vs Pitched Roof – Which One To Go For?

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July 6, 2018
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There are many different types of roof available but generally, there are two firm choices when it comes to planning an extension or construction project. Both flat roofing and pitched roofing offer contrasting advantages. The following information is aimed at helping you make the right choice and provides a compact overview of the pros and cons of each method of roofing.

Flat Roofs


Price: Flat roofs are much easier to install because of their lack of pitch. It makes for an easier process for the contractors which makes everything go by quicker. Because of speed, the danger factor and less variables makes for a less costly process.

Aesthetic & space saving: From an aesthetic stand point, flat roofs are not very pleasing to the eye, but can be ‘beautified’ by creating a balcony or a roof garden with hard-wearing plants for low maintenance.


Maintenance: Flat roofs have to be monitored much more than pitched roofs because theirs is no natural way to water to flow off a flat roof. This often creates standing water and clogged drainage systems which, unattended can negatively impact your roofs function and lifespan.

Lifespan: Typically, the lifespan of a flat roof is not as long as a traditional pitched roof – even less so if it is vulnerable to damage. It also depends on what has been done and how.

Pitched Roofs


Style: Pitched roofs come in all shapes and sizes, from simple two-sided slopes to more complex shapes combining hips and valleys. Their versatility is second to none, allowing for more creativity and custom jobs.

Durability: Pitched roofs last far longer than other styles of roofs. They are built to be more durable and can withstand a wider range of weather conditions, meaning you won’t have to worry about heavy rain and snowfall throughout the year.


Higher expense:  It goes without saying that the pitched roof is more expensive to install than a simple flat roof. This is due to the more complex design and the longer time it takes to install the roof, meaning more hard work is needed.


Pitched roofs also place a greater burden on the foundations of the building and this may have implications for the depth of the footings. Therefore it may be difficult to change your roof in the future due to the structure.

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