How you can tell if your flat roof needs repair

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February 3, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Flat roofs are very popular, but like any roof, they’ll need repairs or replacement over time. Periodically inspecting your roof can spot telltale signs that repair is required, but what should you look out for?

Warning signs

Cracks, holes, blisters or bubbles in the roofing material are indicators that flat roof repair may be necessary. These could cause your roof to buckle and may allow water to leak into your home.

You might also notice damage to the flashing on the roof, which could also be letting water in. Equally, standing water on the roof that doesn’t shift after 48 hours could suggest roof problems exist, and this may contribute to buckling of the roof and water penetration over time.

There are different types of flat roof, and different problems can occur depending on your specific style of roof. Some flat roofs are made from panels, and if any panels become dislodged or worn, this may necessitate flat roof repair.

A flat roof with a tar and rock covering is likely to be in need of immediate attention if you notice that some of the tar-paper has come off or has been blown off during bad weather. This exposes the undercoating of the roof and can result in further damage or water penetration. Be mindful also of missing patches of gravel on your roof, and brush away any gravel that has piled up.

If you notice areas that are torn or damaged in the moisture barrier of your roof, contact flat roof repair specialists especially if you spot damp areas below the roof.

Take a look in your attic and inspect for any damp patches that could indicate problems with your roofing.

Take immediate action

As soon as you think damage may be a feature of your flat roof, take immediate action. Acting fast could be the difference between flat roof repair or a complete replacement, which will cost more and is more inconvenient.

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